Tim Southall at Work

Tim Southall

Tim was born in Staffordshire and grew up on the edge of the heavy industrial heartlands of the Black Country. He studied Fine Art at Northumbria University and then printmaking at the Royal College of Art and l’école des beaux art, Paris. Based in London for twenty years, he taught at University level while maintaining a career as a professional artist before leaving the teaching profession and concentrating solely on making art. For the last 17 years he has been based in Cadiz Province in southern Spain, where he makes most of his work.

Tim has this to say about his work:

“Living in a rural environment three miles from the beaches of the Atlantic coast fuels the content of my work. It is in the landscape that I make drawings or clarify my ideas and go into the studio and make pieces of work which are a distillation of my ideas rather directly representational pieces. It is through the landscape that I try to convey a sense of something universal and at the same time personal, whether it be a narrative piece or an evocation of place or a fleeting moment.

From a technical point of view I enjoy playing with composition and colour, and use traditional processes and materials at the printmaker’s hand to interpret my ideas. Here I strive to look for something new and exciting in a much used medium and make works of art that are delicate and shows a lightness of touch along with an eye for detail and nuance. The outcome of these experiments is not always a success, but the journey is always worthwhile and for me, the essence of what makes me continue to make art.”

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