Sally McKay

Central to Sally’s artists practice are the moving figure, rhythm and energy, focusing on live performance, in particular dance as her stimulus. Sally is a Fine Art and Dance graduate of Goldsmiths College, with a Fine Art MA from City & Guilds of London Art School. Sally has worked with many award winning choreographers and dance companies drawing during rehearsals, using the drawings to inform her etching, painting, and life size wire sculpture. She is Resident Artist at Greenwich Dance and exhibits regularly across the UK and abroad.
“Drawing grounds me. I draw in response to activity, focusing on live performance. Dancers are my stimulus, I draw while they rehearse and perform, transcribing motion and stillness, balance and falling, solitude and chaos, into a series of marks on paper. The drawings are in the present, an immediate and direct reaction to the rhythmic movement. The drawings inform the paintings, etchings and life size wire sculpture, created in my studio while the memory of the movement is still strong.”

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