Rosa Osborne

Widely exhibited London based – figurative artist Rosa Osborne works in a variety of media including street art , printmaking, collage, watercolour, life drawing and boxed sculptures.
Her prints are mixed media pieces , using stencils and lino cuts with collaged backgrounds , all with a textural edge drawn from her earlier graffiti works. Looking for a canvas that would replicate the rough surface of a wall, she found the ideal backdrop in creased Indian paper, vintage Victorian postcards, Lotto tickets , upcycled packaging and other diverse found materials.

Each of her prints is a monotype and a unique work of art. Most utilise spray paints with stencils, although some use lino and ink with collage. She also works as a muralist and graffiti artist

Rosa studied Three-Dimensional Design and Sculpture at Hornsey College of Art, and the practice feeds into her relief prints – cutting and gouging out positive and negative shapes.

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