The Parks no. 9 - Rachel Gracey

Rachel Gracey

Rachel's landscapes are inspired by seasonal changes in the natural world. She has found Lithography and Relief printing are the most satisfying and captivating means to catch what she has seen and felt.

After studying for a BA in Fine Art at Bristol and an MA in Printmaking at Wimbledon, Rachel belonged to the Artichoke Print Workshop for 12 years. During this time she exhibited in a range of shows. Moving to Oxford she spent several years working on a small scale until installing a Mann Direct press in her garden studio where she focuses on lithography, her chief passion. She is interested in the power of line, shape and colour to convey cherished landscapes through the changing cycles of the year. Her lithographs have abstract qualities that emphasise spatial relationships between natural forms, and the changing experiences of familiar places in different lights and seasons. Relief printing lends itself to contrast the free flowing forms of nature with geometric silhouettes of architecture.

Printing landscape is her means of articulating a sense of place, identity and memory.

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