Pat Schaverien

I studied printmaking at the Slade School of Art and have been fascinated by the process ever since.

Most of my prints are a combination of etching and aquatint (drypoint and sugarlift) as well as collagraphs. I like combining different techniques and presently I am working on urban and rural landscapes as well as making smaller images of animals. Etching uses acid on a metal plate. I draw directly onto the plate and often use a drypoint needle that scores into the metal or I bite lines into the plate with acid. Aquatint copies the effect of a watercolour wash and can vary in intensity but both drypoint and aquatint can be very subtle. My collagraphs involve painting PVA glue and carborundum powder onto the printmaking plate or a piece of card. When dry it is inked up like an etching. One can build up a variety of textures by using this process but it is the enormous range of marks that really excites me the most as they can give life to the images. When I have finished making the work I produce a small limited edition of each image and after that I reproduce some of these as greeting cards which I produce digitally on the computer. I have recently done some book illustration and would very much like to do more in the future.

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