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Mario S. Gonzalez

Mario S. Gonzalez

“I am a Cuban printmaker, I started experimenting with printmaking when I was 17. I used to help my dad to print in a studio which had a very rustic press. All the inks, tools, papers and processes of printmaking caught my attention and I started making my own plates. I think printmaking is a magical process. I love the craft, the form of artistic expression, and the excitement of the print coming out of the press.
Although I was born in the city of Havana, I’ve always been very interested in landscapes. The relationship between them, nature and us as human beings is something I try to represent through my works in drypoint. By combining natural and human elements, I create my own landscapes, my own surreal worlds. I like to think my works are like visual poems. A variety of themes run through my work – hints and symbols of freedom, sensitivity, sadness, loneliness and yearning. I moved to London in December 2015 from Havana. I am a self-taught printmaker and have been making and exhibiting my prints since 2011.”

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