Linda Landers

Linda Landers Biographical notes

Studied Fine Art at Central St. Martins in the early1980’s after which she studied lithography and etching, as well as taking up a six month residency in stone lithography in London. Working also as a wood engraver, she expanded her work into limited edition books and her work in this medium is held in collections worldwide including the National Art Library in London. In past years she has spent a lot of time working as a linocut artist but has now returned to etching and is building up a new body of work in this medium. She has won prizes for her printmaking.

She is also a writer and director of plays and occasionally takes up time based projects whilst continuing to develop in her printmaking.
She has an MA in experimental film, and her first film was shown at Saatchi and Saatchi.

Her current work combines the traditional printmaking method of etching with popular and imaginative imagery which reflects a dreamlike inner world.

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