War Horse - Kate Dicker

Kate Dicker

Kate is an elected member of the Society of Painter-Printmakers (R.E.) and the Society of Wood Engravers (S.W.E.). She is a versatile artist/printmaker who adapts a print medium to suit the expression of the subject. For wood engraving Kate likes the demand for detail and the need for a sound composition to achieve a graphic balance between black, white and the middle tones.
The images are made from direct observation and created on the end-grain wood blocks. Negotiators is an imaginative interpretation from the experience of entering a dark, Neolithic chamber on Guernsey and, Unrelated Codes depicts a collection of objects that are disconnected in themselves, other than they occupy a shared and stark space.

As an artist in residence at Southampton Solent University (2012/13) Kate produced screen-prints using photographic imagery to make prints that have coloured layers and textures. This series was based on Wingnut Trees that grew along the River Itchen and which were marked by the forester with a painted dot to indicate that the trees were to be felled.

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