Clare Grossman

My work predominately focuses on the search for a personal narrative, an essential energy – the ‘essence’ of a chosen subject or place encapsulated in an emotional response.

Working often with a combination of techniques, a final piece may have several layers of printing using experimental techniques together with solar plate and traditional etching methods to produce work that aims to describe movement, the energy found in nature, beautiful light, contrasts of solidity against the crispness or warmth of the air, or the incredibly mysterious substance of shadows.

These elements are often visited & revisited with the aim to explore the vitality & fragility of nature, its effect on a given moment in time. Or the unusual play of light forms found at night in the urban settings of London with its river and iconic buildings acting as the set design for a theatrical composition.

The resulting work may achieve unique ‘one off’ prints similar to paintings or ‘variables’ – individual prints; each one individual in its colour palette and mark making thus creating from one plate many different moods and effects.

The relatively new etching technique of the Solar Plate involves no acid in their use. Instead a light sensitive etching plate is exposed to the artists’ artwork through the use of a light box and the resulting solar plate is then washed with water to reveal the image, ready then for the artist to print.

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