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Amanda McAllister

Amanda is a painter/printmaker based in the North East of England.

The varied urban and coastal landscape of the region is a predominant theme of her work. Exploring the exterior and interior spaces she moves through in daily life. Her work reflects the changing quality of light and the shadows that are created.

She uses drawings, photographs and written notes as a starting point. and she later reflects upon these references, relying also on memory and the subconscious absorptions of imagery. She makes collages and small paintings on paper as well as the use traditional techniques of printmaking. A number of years ago Amanda became interested in experimenting with computer generated images. Using Adobe Photoshop to manipulate the scanned work alongside Illustrator and other drawing programs, she draws directly within the programs to construct the prints. She works instinctively, reacting to the relationship of one area to another. Images are built up layer by layer, removing, exposing and obscuring different elements.

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