Christmas Gift Guide | Our Top 10

From prints, prints, prints to books, ceramics, homeware and jewellery, we have the perfect presents this Christmas. Here’s our festive roundup of gifts from our Ealing gallery and online.   ‘Oranges and Snowdrops’ by Jane Walker   Jane Walker’s bold and vibrant still life linocuts take their inspiration from 20th century arts and crafts, 1950s

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Louise Hall Ceramics

Louise Hall | Ceramics

Louise Hall works with porcelain to create fragile and delicate looking hand built forms and vessels. By exploring the structure of porcelain she has learnt how to manipulate this wonderful material to its maximum, before collapse takes effect. The translucent nature of porcelain has furnished great inspiration for lighting; when unglazed and lit, an ethereal and

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Alison Coaten Ceramics

Ceramics by Alison Coaten

Alison Coaten graduated from Loughborough College of Art & Design in 1994 with a first in Fine Art Sculpture; she now lives and works in Lincolnshire. After working in mixed media for her degree Alison returned to clay preferring its immediacy and flexibility. She hand builds in stoneware coiling and sculpting and uses a limited

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Jessica Jordan Ceramics

Jessica Jordan | Ceramics

Jessica Jordan’s ceramics are inspired by the natural corrosion of surfaces, aerial views of landscapes, the contrast of rough and smooth line, pattern and texture that are found on stones and other objects like wood, glass and metal that have been weathered and broken down from natural erosion such as water, frost and heat. Her

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Creating a memory with Carys Davies

We are delighted to have recently taken a delivery of Carys Davies pottery at For Arts Sake.  Carys Davies throws pots in porcelain – then marks and alters them before glazing with shiny crackle glazes or volcanic rough ones, sometimes both. After a ceramics degree at Harrow, Carys worked for Edmund de Waal for five

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